Our office provides the following services:
  • Purchases, sales, rentals of residential and commercial properties.
  • Purchases, sales of land.
  • Network information and direct finding of buyers or sellers.
  • Exclusive Agent service for buying or selling property.
  • Property promotion plan.
  • Open house visit of the property.
  • Email alert for new properties to our prospective clients.
  • Real Estate Property Management.
  • Valuations of real estate.
  • Issuing loans.
  • Technical, Legal, Notarial services.
  • Cooperation with a renovation company.
  • Version of energy certificates required  for the property transfer or rental.
  • Engineering  Certificate for non - arbitary construction necessary for the property transfer.

Akinita Polis Mesitiki

5 Agiou Alexandrou str.
Flisvos Mall, zipcode 17561
Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece

+30 210 9825923

+30 210 9825920


Map of our office